Whether you are single or married our individual Life Sessions will address your past, present and future. In all of this we will uncover the negative recurring belief cycles which in most cases are the blocks in our relationships and personal growth. Whether from finances, career, health, or other challenges we will teach you a unique set of tools which will break these cycles and help you move forward.

Rebecca and I understand that real truth applied to real problems brings about real change. We rely on the Bible as the trusted source of wisdom, guidance, and truth in our Life Sessions. With God’s Word and by the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we are committed to destroying the strongholds of negative belief systems which influence our actions.

Through empathy and understanding we will address the emotions that stem from the challenges and cycles which also contribute to unforgiveness, codependent relationships, marital turmoil, and the like.

What our Life Sessions bring is LIFE. Life to the happiness which has been buried; Life to your relationships which you considered “dead” and Life to the FULL.

Grief Recovery is also available on an individual basis to move you past. This program will help you process grief from loss in a healthy, supportive manner by following structured steps. James or Rebecca will give you their focused attention for one meeting per week for seven weeks. Learn more about Grief Recovery here.