Action = Recovery

Action = Recovery

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We’ve all heard the expression “time heals all wounds”, however this old saying couldn’t be farther from the truth! Filing away our hurts in life only allows for them to fester and grow larger deep in our hearts -yuck. Emotions have no awareness of time, this is why we may still feel hurt over what someone in grammer school said to us. Years later, those hurt feelings could turn into resentment and cause us even more harm.

The best and only way to deal with hurts we have incurred over the years is to deal with them right away by taking action. But what actions are we supposed to take?

Joining a Grief Recovery support group will empower you with tools to process these emotions in a natural, healthy way. And the best part is that you don’t have to grieve alone, but will be surrounded by others who are also going through similar issues.

The way to recovery truly is action, not time.




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