Grief Recovery is a moderated workshop style support group which we lead and helps individuals move through the process of grief, loss, and unforgiveness in a healthy, supportive manner. This program empowers you with a tool set to allow you to let go of the pain associated with negative experiences. In the course of the workshop, you will learn and apply these tools to bring freedom to areas where you may feel blocked, lost, or stuck.

The workshop meets once a week in the evening for about an hour and a half, over seven weeks.

Here’s a brief video from the founders of the Grief Recovery Institute explaining the program in their own words. Scroll down for more info on upcoming workshops beginning soon!


Hear experiences from those who have completed the program by clicking here.



Download this FREE e-book from the creators of The Grief Recovery Method. You’ll find many of the concepts covered in the support group workshop within.








The cost of the Grief Recovery Support Group is $275, however if you are experiencing financial hardship a lower price can be arranged.

This fee covers the cost of:

  • 7 Workshop meetings (once a week in the evening for about an hour and a half, over seven weeks)
  • Personal Instruction & Support (from us, James & Rebecca)
  • Hardbound 20th Anniversary Grief Recovery Method Book
  • Course Materials
  • Meeting Location Rental Fees



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