We’re here for you. Whether you are feeling lost, stuck, afraid, or unsure how to move forward in your life, we want to help.

Rebecca and I understand that real truth applied to real problems brings about real change. We rely on the Bible as the trusted source of wisdom, guidance, and truth in our Life Sessions. With God’s Word and by the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we are committed to destroying the strongholds of negative thinking and self-defeating belief systems.

Through empathy and understanding we will address the emotions that stem from challenges and cycles which contribute to unforgiveness, codependent relationships, marital turmoil, and the like.

We’re eager to connect with you and welcome any questions you may have. Email us with any inquiries, or to schedule a FREE first time 20 minute session. This can be over the phone or Skype. You can schedule time with either one of us or both of us. We look forward to hearing from you!